Department of 
Genomics and

The main mission of our goupe  is to contribute to the improvement of rice production in Iwate Prefecture of Japan through basic researches.

Picture:  Various rice mutants

Department of
Development of Plant Breeding &
Cultivation techniques

Fundamental researches for breeding and cultivation of horticultural plants, especially focusing on Japanese ornamental gentians.

Picture: Japanese gentian flowers. 
Plant Pathology Group

Research for horticultural crops protection especially from emerging virus diseases.

Picture: Detecting virus from a diseased plant.

 Department of

Research for development of health promoting methods using agricultural and marine products in Iwate Pref.

Picture : Pacific krill in which anti-obese compound was found by our research

Research for promoting production and consumption of mushrooms in Iwate Pref.

Picture : Siitake mushroom having various health function properties

Iwate Biotechnology Research Center
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