The Iwate Prefectural Government set up the Biotechnology Institute in April 1993 as an organization to intensively promote basic research on biotechnology common to such industries as the agricultural, forestry, and fishery industries and the food industry in order to support/promote research on the application of biotechnology by specialized testing/research organizations it has set up.

Iwate Biotechnology Research Center uses facilities and equipment at Iwate Biotechnology Institute to conduct research on assignments commissioned by the prefectural government.


Plant characteristics and safety evaluation laboratory

There are two laboratory rooms with containment and non-containment greenhouses attached. 

Containment greenhouse

There are six sealed greenhouses, allowing control of the temperature and humidity to suit the plants. 

Non-containment greenhouse

There are two greenhouses Covered with screen panels to prevent entry of insects 

Mushroom cultivation laboratory

There is a laboratory for growing shiitake mushrooms and three culture rooms with different temperatures and humidity. 

Greenhouse building and glass greenhouse

There is an artificial climate room, seed storeroom, and a glass greenhouse in which experimental plants can be grown year-round. 

Isolated field

There are fields surrounded by fences to prevent intrusion by outsiders and an administrative building