Researcher List

The researcher list of October 1, 2014 times 

Affiliation Title Name Mail Address
Director-General Yoshihito Takahata y-takahata
Deputy Director-General Tsutomu Sasaki t-sasaki
Research Director <Director-General : Yoshihito Takahata>
Department of Genomics and Breeding
General Manager Ryohei Terauchi terauchi
Chief Researcher Hiromasa Saitoh saitoh
Chief Researcher Hiroki Takagi h-takagi
Researcher Muluneh Tamiru Oli olimt
Researcher Koki Fujisaki k-fujisaki
Researcher Motoki Shimizu m-shimizu
Researcher Michie Kobayashi m-kobayashi
Researcher Hiroaki Kato h-kato
Assistant Researcher Yuki Nakano ynakano
Assistant Researcher Aiko Uemura a-uemura
Assistant Researcher Kaori Oikawa kaori-o
Department of Horticultural Sciences
General Manager Masahiro Nishihara mnishiha
Chief Researcher Hideyuki Takahashi h-takahashi
Chief Researcher Nobuhiro Sasaki n-sasaki
Chief Researcher Ken-Taro Sekine k-sekine
Researcher Go Atsumi g-atsumi
Researcher Keisuke Tasaki k-tasaki
Assistant Researcher Eri Yamada e-yoshida
Assistant Researcher Atsumi Higuchi a-higuchi
Assistant Researcher Kouhei Fujita k-fujita
Assistant Researcher Asuka Shirakawa a-shirakawa
Department of Bioresource Sciences
General Manager <Director-General : Yoshihito Takahata>
Senior Researcher Akira Yano akiray
Chief Researcher Yuichi Sakamoto sakamoto
Researcher Hidetoshi Yamada hyamada
Researcher Nozomi Nagahora n-nagahora
Assistant Researcher Sayaka Kikuchi s-kikuchi
Assistant Researcher Shiho Sato s-sato
Assistant Researcher Hirofumi Iwama h-iwama

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