Farewell party in March 2015

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3 members of the virus research project team will leave in this March.
Thanks a lot and Good luck!!

(Closed application)Position open for a researcher

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(Closed application)
Subject: Guinea yam genome analysis
Term: Starting from May 8 (Fri), 2015, till March 31 (2018)

Deadline of application: April 6 (Mon), 2015

Contact person for further information:
                            Dr. Ryohei Terauchi (

Applicants should send

  1. Curriculum vitae with a photo
  2. A list of publications
  3. Short summary of previous researches (one page)
  4. A letter of self introduction (one page)
  5. Copies of up to five major publications

Iwate Biotechnology Research Center
22-174-4, Narita, Kitakami, 024-0003
Iwate, Japan
e-mail for application:

    We are seeking a competent researcher who will be in charge of Guinea yam (Dioscorea rotundata) genome analysis and DNA marker development at Iwate Biotechnology Research Center (IBRC). A suitable candidate will be involved in Guinea yam research entitled “Africa Yam: Enhancing yam breeding for increased productivity and improved quality in West Africa” partly subcontracted to IBRC from International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA, Ibadan, Nigeria). Experience in genetics/genomics will be preferred. Travel to IITA is mandate.

20150227 Mushroom fruition by Electrical Stimulation

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20150227  Mushroom fruition by Electrical Stimulation
(works by Mushroom team, Department of Bioresource Sciences, IBRC)

Article about collaborative research with Iwate University was published in INTERNATIONAL INNOVATION (vol. 172, pp.138-139).
It is a course of study still, but gradually found that the various reaction is occurring in mushrooms by electrical stimulation.

20150217 BLItz joined our lab

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A new machine "BLItz" joined our laboratory. Welcome to Iwate, Japan!!

2014.12.22 Sampling the gentians under the snow.

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20141212 Congratulations! Dr.Yamada!

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20141212  Congratulations! Dr.Yamada!
Dr. Yamada, a researcher at department of bioresource sciences in IBRC, received the Governor Award of Iwate Prefecture.
His researches about 8-HEPE, new anti-obese compound derived from Pacific Krill, were highly appreciated.

20141107 Getting Back Dr.Hiromasa

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The party to congratulate Dr. Hiromasa on getting back from one month business trip in UK.

20141030 Good luck! Dr.Rym

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Good luck in your new position!! Dr. Rym left our institute at Oct. 30.

The picture shows the duce in ceremony for leaving.

20141105 Bioresource from forest? or sea?

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Shiitake mushroom?

Sea cucumber (processed and frozen)
 It is used for our examination.

20141001 Transplanting the gentians

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